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Stained Containers

Anyone’s Vitamix container looking like the first two pictures?  Don’t worry.  It’s not dangerous.  I blend lots of fruits and leafy greens and I only recently started having this problem.  Normally this is my routine after blending:

  • Rinse the container thoroughly
  • Fill 1/2 way with warm water and 2 drops of dish soap
  • Run the machine on high for 1 minute
  • Rinse and dry upside down in a dish rack

The container can be put into the dishwasher but, I use mine so much that it I need it ready at all times and you can’t beat a 1 minute wash cycle.  So why is my container looking like this now?  I began using peppermint and chamomile tea as the base for Matthew’s green smoothie instead of plain water.  The film is a build up of oils and minerals from the tea. So, now when the container starts looking like that I:

  1. Add 1/2 cup of white vinegar for 32oz containers and 1 cup for 64oz containers.
  2. Add hot water until the container is half full.
  3. Turn the machine on with it set to Variable 1.
  4. Quickly increase the speed to Variable 10, then to High.
  5. Blend for 15 seconds to mix the water and vinegar.
  6. Let sit for about 15 minutes.
  7. Pour the vinegar and water solution over a clean sponge or dish cloth then dump the rest down the sink.  Use the sponge or dishcloth to clean any tough stains that might be left behind.
  8. Rinse the container then refill half way with fresh water.
  9. Repeat steps 3-5.
  10. Empty and let stand upside down to dry completely.
Clean Container (2)
Clean Container

If you have let your container build up a thick film or if you are a stickler like me, you may want to put a little baking soda on the cloth or sponge and give the inside another go.  This is totally optional.  It you are on a tight time schedule, this step is not necessary.  FYI, if you are thinking of short cutting by using the baking soda and vinegar from the beginning, DON’T!  Remember that active volcano replica you made back in grade school?  No?  Ok, I may be dating myself.  If you do you will end up with:


Vitamix: Engineered to Last

So why is the Vitamix the only blender I will endorse?  It is the Vitamix engineering.  Vitamix has an extensive history and a warranty that backs their claims.  And why not?  This company has been going strong since 1921!  Mine has been running strong since 2011 and I use it daily.  There isn’t another appliance in my house that I can say that about.  It is an investment into the health of my family.

The Vitamix Warranty

32oz container
32oz container

Yesterday felt like Christmas here at the Barton home.  My new 32oz Vitamix container was delivered!  The story begins like this:  Last week my daughter was making almond milk in the Vitamix and she heard a high pitched sound we don’t usually here when running the machine.  She let me know and I check it out right away.  I heard what she heard so I switched containers to see if it happened again.  When the sound didn’t return I turn my attention to the blade assembly on the 32oz container.  Sure enough the blade was not turning as freely as it usually does.  So we switched to using the 64oz container and called the company to let them know what was going on.

When we purchased the Deluxe Complete Kitchen it came with a 7 year warranty .  We added an extra year because we have a large family.  That gives us coverage until 2019!  I have never had any company back their product like that!   I ended up speaking to a very nice customer service representative who not only placed the order for my replacement container but also gave me great tips on nut butters easier to blend and remove from the container.  It was like talking to an old friend rather than a rep just trying to get off the phone to get to the next call.  This family owned company really knows how to take care of their customers!

Take a moment and click on the “Vitamix Coupon” in my blog roll and check out all they have to offer.  There is something for everyone.  Remember, if you order through the coupon link in this blog or over the phone with code #06-009912, you get free shipping with machine order.

Vitamix Verses Jamba Juice

I was able to find this information on
Jamba Juice Smoothies Prices:
Item                                            Sixteen Original Power
Classic Smoothies                 $4.29     $4.99       $5.69
All Fruit Smoothies                $4.69     $5.39       $6.09
Fruit & Veggie Smoothies    $5.69     $5.39       $6.09
Pre-Boosted Smoothies       $6.69     $5.39       $6.09
Fit ‘n Fruitful Smoothies      $4.99     $5.69       –
Creamy Treats                        $4.69     $5.39       –

Now let’s do a little math. Say “Average Joe Smoothie” was to buy his favorite classic smoothie 5 days a week. In the course of a week he would spend (drum roll please) an average of $27. Now let’s stretch that out to a month: $108. If “Joe Average Smoothie” were a diehard smoothie fan and he were to do that for 1 year it would be about $1,300! He could have bought the Vitamix 5200-Deluxe Complete Kitchen TWICE!  We bought that package because of all that it could do and it was less expensive than buying it a piece at a time.  Also the machine replaced my blender, mixer and food processor for most of my recipes.  Goodbye counter clutter!

Food Processor in Storage
Food Processor in Storage

To make a smoothie at home it would cost about $1 and that is not factoring in the gas to get to Jamba Juice. Since the Vitamix is so much more than a smoothie maker, you will really be saving a whole lot more. As for the nutritional differences…Well that’s another blog entry. I’ll be getting to that one soon.