Matthew’s Story

This is Matthew.  As I mentioned in my “About” page, Matthew is the youngest of our 6 children and the inspiration behind this food blog.  Children with Down syndrome often suffer from various medical conditions.  Matthew has had multiple medical complications, though many of them have been corrected.  His digestive tract proved to be more challenging than the other diagnoses.  Matthew has struggled with multiple digestive tract complications from birth.  At age three the problems got so severe that he spent the next three and a half years being fed through an IV line in his chest.  Thanks to the amazing work of several teams of doctors, Matthew had his digestive tract reconstructed allowing him to eat solid food once again. The one complication that has remained is that his stomach does not empty fast enough. Because that is the case, Matthew still must be fed though a G-tube over night and has been restricted to a liquid and pureed diet during the day.

As Matthew continued to grow, creating healthy and well balanced meals became a challenge.  Also a serious blood infection that nearly took him from us left him with a compromised immune system. I needed something that could make his food the consistency of baby food but in larger quantities using only the most wholesome,vitamin and antioxidant rich foods.

Six years ago we purchased a Vitamix and my problems we solved(Shop Vitamix!). Since then I have created numerous recipes not only for him but quick, healthy and inexpensive meals for the rest of the family.  The recipes will be posted in categories so that  you can quickly move through the blog and find exactly what you are looking for.

My blog not only offers recipes but also lots of information on how to save time and money while eating healthy. Also, because I have had to create recipes for Matthew to be used through his g-tube, I have been able to help transition other g-tube patients referred by his Pediatric Gastroenterologist from formula to a blended diet. If you are interested in transitioning, please click on “Contact Me” for instructions on how to set up a consultation. I look forward to reading your comments.  If you like what you see, please “like” my posts, follow my blog and share with your friends.

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