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This testimonial is 1 of hundreds (if not thousands) listed in the Facebook group Blenderized RN. I only share these testimonials with the the permission of the original poster. Each one has a different background, diagnosis and journey but they all say the same thing…BLENDING REAL FOOD WORKS FOR TUBIES!

Just want to give our “testimony” about blended foods, if anyone is hesitant about it. Sorry for the length.
I was super hesitant myself but my wonderful friend Kristen Nichole Leverett helped me SO MUCH.
My daughter is 2. She was born weighing 2 pounds 6 oz in May 2017. She’s had two open heart surgeries and her g tube placement surgery.
She was on Elecare as an infant and then switched to Elecare JR at around 18 months old. She was throwing up constantly. Could barely tolerate 100 ml of Elecare JR ran over an hour through our pump. Finally this past June, I had had enough and knew that Kristen blended real food for her son, so I reached out to her. She talked me through it all for weeks until I figured out what worked for us. We started blending that day and we haven’t looked back to formula at all.
On formula, she wasn’t walking, her hair was so short, she could barely fit in infant shoes, and was constantly vomiting like I mentioned.
Now, 4 months later, she’s almost running everywhere, her hair is growing, she wear a size 5-6 in toddler shoes, and I can’t remember the last time she threw up. She’s also blossoming mentally! She knows her ABCs, can count to 15, and knows most of her colors.
I’m so thankful for this group.
The first picture was sometime in June. She was scooting on her bottom to get around and was wearing walking shoes (size 2 in infants). The second picture was about an hour ago while playing soccer and throwing balls with her brother & me outside (the shoes in this picture are a size 6).

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