Obesity in Children with Down Syndrome

Because my son has Down Syndrome, obesity in children with Down Syndrome is a great concern of mine.  Obesity in children in general is increasing and children children with Down syndrome are at an even higher risk.  There are lots of factors that contribute to this but there are also many ways to combat it.  Children with Down Syndrome often have G.I. tract, feeding, physical and developmental delays that can a healthy diet more difficult but not impossible.  Here are some things I did to help Matthew:

  • When he was able, I started him off with vegetables instead of fruits just like my typical children.  That way he didn’t get used to eating sweet foods and reject anything else.
  • I tried a wide range of fresh foods with little or no added salt or sugar.
  • I kept him as active as he was able to be.

Children with Down Syndrome are just like typical children for the most part. They will follow your lead but they will also test limits.  As with typical children, set boundaries on food and stick to them.

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