Chopped Olives


1 15oz can of whole olives (drained)

1. Select Variable 2.
2. Turn machine on, remove the lid plug and slowly pour the olive through the lid.
3. Blend 3-5 seconds or until all of the olives are evenly chopped.

Food tip: You can adjust the variable speed up or down 1 speed at a time to get the desired texture. This technique also works well for chopping whole Jalapeno peppers. Split them lengthwise and remove the seeds by scraping them off with a spoon then cut the peppers in thirds before dropping them through the lid.

Time Tip: Chopping a whole can of olives by hand can take up to 10 minutes (I know. I’ve done it). Using the Vitamix it takes about 10 seconds and that’s counting opening and draining the olives!

Money Tip: When I’m chopping large quantities for my Nine Layer Bean Dip (you’ll find the recipe in the dip category here in my blog), I buy a 33oz bag of sliced olives.

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