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I met Tina in 2018 not long after my family and I had relocated from Washington to Southern California. My daughter Zoe has a rare syndrome and is g-tube fed. When we moved, Zoe was 100% formula fed and as we later found out, she was not tolerating it well. Tina was invaluable to me as I decided to change Zoe’s diet to blended real foods. She is always so encouraging and knowledgeable. So readily available to answer my texts or calls about calorie counts, g-tube tricks, blended recipes or really just about anything! She has met with me, taken me to the grocery store to show me what to purchase and how to prepare it, she is always willing to help.  It was daunting for me to start this journey, because Zoe has so many medical issues and allergies, but Tina is always so encouraging and reassuring that I can do this! She truly has a heart to help other families and a passion to keep our fragile kiddos healthy and thriving. I’m so blessed to know her!Brooke Maxwell

The Maxwell Family
Zoe Maxwell

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