Vitamix Verses Jamba Juice

I was able to find this information on
Jamba Juice Smoothies Prices:
Item                                            Sixteen Original Power
Classic Smoothies                 $4.29     $4.99       $5.69
All Fruit Smoothies                $4.69     $5.39       $6.09
Fruit & Veggie Smoothies    $5.69     $5.39       $6.09
Pre-Boosted Smoothies       $6.69     $5.39       $6.09
Fit ‘n Fruitful Smoothies      $4.99     $5.69       –
Creamy Treats                        $4.69     $5.39       –

Now let’s do a little math. Say “Average Joe Smoothie” was to buy his favorite classic smoothie 5 days a week. In the course of a week he would spend (drum roll please) an average of $27. Now let’s stretch that out to a month: $108. If “Joe Average Smoothie” were a diehard smoothie fan and he were to do that for 1 year it would be about $1,300! He could have bought the Vitamix 5200-Deluxe Complete Kitchen TWICE!  We bought that package because of all that it could do and it was less expensive than buying it a piece at a time.  Also the machine replaced my blender, mixer and food processor for most of my recipes.  Goodbye counter clutter!

Food Processor in Storage
Food Processor in Storage

To make a smoothie at home it would cost about $1 and that is not factoring in the gas to get to Jamba Juice. Since the Vitamix is so much more than a smoothie maker, you will really be saving a whole lot more. As for the nutritional differences…Well that’s another blog entry. I’ll be getting to that one soon.

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